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Gimme that Filet O’ Filet

Posted in randomness by carlricco1980 on February 27, 2010

“What if it were you hanging up on this wall”

Such a bold statement by such a bland company. McDonald’s has brought back their catchy “fish” sandwich ad for yet another Lent, but what does this ad really say? If I had to take a guess this ad is really just screaming “EAT A FUCKING DELICIOUS FISH SANDWICH! IT HAS CHEESE AND TARTAR SAUCE!” (excuse please my attempt at cyber-yelling, iShouting, what have you). I guess if I were an ad executive or part of some conglomerate creative agency, I’d say that is the perfect ad. Cast the cheesefish sandwich song in the face of America and they will surely bite, right? You’d have to talk to McDonald’s about that one.

My sarcasm beside me, I bet they sell a ton of those gross sandwiches and why? Why have we forgot that food is supposed to taste good, taste exciting, and be special. Why do people eat as if they are just trying to sustain life? I think the act of eating food has been deminishing since the advent of fast food. No longer do we wait anticipating what our wives or mothers have packed for our lunchbreak. We now just ask “McDonald’s or Burger King”.

I love food, but this blog will by no means just be another food blog written by some holier than thou self proclaimed foodie. This blog tackles life, love, great beer, great food, the good, the bad, the sexy, the sexless. This blog is me. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Show me YOUR war-face.

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