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Dogfish Head 90-Minute Imperial IPA

Posted in beer by carlricco1980 on February 28, 2010

I am a hop-head at heart. A delicious IPA or a hoppy Strong Ale can brighten my day. So today, I revisited a favorite of mine – Dogfish Head 90-Minute.

From the time you crack open the bottle, you get a nice hit of hops, and during the pour the tremendous aroma presents itself, no-forces itself right into your nose.

The head is two-three fingers thick, and leaves a beautiful lace. The smell of citrus and pine entice your nose and you begin with your first sip.

I’m suprised with the tase, highly malty-moreso than I remember or expect. It’s still a tongue bruiser at over 90IBU’s but I really taste a sweet malt as well. The balance is fantastic. The sharp and crisp hops are delivered with the sweet malt and a not overwhelming alcohol (9% abv).

This goes down quite easy, and if you are not watching you can surely go overboard because of this.

I rate this an A+, perfectly done.

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