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Melt Bar and Grilled! Lakewood Ohio

Posted in food by carlricco1980 on March 10, 2010

So much hype for this little place! It’s fantastic though and definately lives up to the blogs. I always end up going on a Friday or Saturday evening, probably the worst time to visit a hip eatery in Lakewood. You put your name in at the crowded Host/Hostess table, and proceed to wait and wait and wait.. Oh and wait some more. Here’s a helpful hint. Exit Melt towards Detroit, hang a right, and walk a block or two down to Pheonix Coffee and have a mocha. You might be lucky and grab a bar seat though, and when that happens the night/day/morning gets magical. Grab a beer from their immense selection, and peruse the menu. The appetizers are good but you won’t really need to eat them – since you’ll be stuffed after trying to eat the entree plate. Check out the grilled cheese! You’ll see the delicious Parmageddon (Perogies, Bread, Cheese) The Big Popper (Jalapenos, Bread, Cheese – then beer battered, then deep fried), and my personal favorite, the Chorizo and Potato(Chorizo, Potato, Bread,, and Cheese!). The wait staff are great fun! Never had a bad experience at Melt, except for the wait – but it’s not so horrible.

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